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All calls for air medical transport are accepted through the Air EMS™ Communication Center which is staffed 24/7 by emergency medical technicians and IAMTCS Certified Flight Coordinators educated on customer service, aircraft operations, weather conditions and emergency procedures.  The Communication Specialist is involved in the entire flight process. From the time they take the flight request until the crew has safely returned to base, they remain in contact with the flight team, hospital personnel, and ground ambulance services to ensure a safe transport.

Whether an emergency or non-emergency patient mission, our certified Communication Specialists are experienced at coordinating every aspect of the transport:

  • patient medical data and attending physician communication
  • hospital/facility availability and coordination
  • patient transfers and acceptance
  • ground and/or air ambulance transport
  • insurance and related administrative matters
  • tracking/flight following communication and notices


ONE CALL to the Air EMS™ Communication Center at

844-5AIREMS (844-524-7367)

is all that is required to initiate your air medical transport process.

7601 E Apache St, Hngr 22, Tulsa, OK  74115
info@airems.us  |  918.392.5350
Air EMS™, Inc. is an indirect air carrier which provides and coordinates air ambulance transportation.  All flights are conducted by Jet Logistics Inc (Air Carrier #ZP7A427J) and Flight Concepts Inc (Air Carrier #F22A542J).  This carrier assumes responsibility for the operational safety of the aircraft and shall have final authority to initiate, conduct or terminate any flight. All patient flights will be conducted under FAR Part 135 regulations.
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