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Education / Training

In addition to our wide-ranging medical transport services, Air EMS™ also provides a variety of certified clinical educational and community outreach programs and services. Our clientele for Training and Education services include ground and air medical ambulance operators, commercial and government fixed contract clients, hospital and medical facilities and local community programs.

Training Affiliations - Air EMS

Air EMS is an Authorized Training Site for the American Heart Association (AHA), an Authorized Training Center for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) and an authorized EMS Education Program with the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Additional customized training and education services, including but not limited to Aircraft Safety, Flight Physiology and CPR, are available on an initial and/or recurrent basis to individuals, corporations and community programs.

For more information on Air EMS Training & Education services, including standard certification programs and/or custom clinical education services our highly trained staff can tailor to your company or program’s specific needs, please contact us at:  info@airems.us or (918) 392-5350.

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Air EMSTM, Inc. is an indirect air carrier which provides and coordinates air ambulance transportation. All flights are conducted in conjunction with a FAR Part 135 certificate carrier (or other AHJ for operations outside of the United States). This carrier assumes responsibility for the operational safety of the aircraft and shall have final authority to initiate, conduct or terminate any flight. All patient flights will be conducted under AHJ regulations for weather minimums, flight crew duty time limitations and weight and balance requirements.
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